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Pipe Services/Delivery

Professional pipe services including delivery to Texas and all contiguous 48 states. We offer a variety of services including Buck Collars, EMI, Hydrostatic Testing & Custom Pipe Work throughout Texas.

Pipe Cleaning Texas

Using our pipe brush machine, we can clean the scale and debris from the outside and inside of the pipe. This gives the pipe a clean look that will catch eyes and makes painting very easy.

Pipe Delivery Service Texas & Beyond

1 to 2-day delivery available of some items. We deliver pipe to all contiguous 48 states We have access to a large network of drivers coming to the Permian Basin needing backhauls out of the area. This allows us to negotiate the lowest possible shipping rates. We don’t up charge for this service. Shipping charges are exactly what we pay. 


Our Electromagnetic inspection unit helps us determine integrity of the pipe and if there has been any wall loss or has indication that lead us to believe it can’t be used in oil field applications. We can inspect tubing sizes from 2 3/8’’ to 4 ½’’ tubing.

Buck Collars

We can buck collars off and on the pipe or even swap the collars to give a clean set of threads on each side. This helps when you need to screw the pipe together. 

Hydrostatic Testing

Another test of the pipes ability to hold fluid under pressure. Our unit can pressurize pipe up to 20,000 PSI. This process ensures the pipe wont leak and is structurally sound. 

Custom Pipe Work

Here at Mitchell Pipe we have a team of people that has a multitude of skills. If you have a custom request, please reach out to our sales team. We are always looking for new challenges and enjoy helping our customers accomplish their goals and finish their project.